May 4-7, 2024

4th Immuno-Metabolic Mechanisms of Atherosclerosis Conference

Host: Fusion

Cancun, Mexico

Endorsed Activity

This meeting will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of current research on atherosclerosis with a focus on the latest and most exciting developments in the immuno-metabolic mechanisms that govern disease initiation and progression. There is little doubt that the next most exciting therapy to combat cardiovascular disease will be based on targeting biological pathways that will have been discussed during this conference. Early career research grants are available and applications must be submitted by March 8, 2024.

Key Sessions

Seven sessions are planned and will highlight the following major research areas:

  • Cellular vessel wall and plaque diversity
  • Cellular metabolism, cell death and immunity
  • Transcriptional regulation in vascular cells
  • Innate immunity and macrophage biology
  • Adaptive immune mechanisms and autoimmunity
  • Immunometabolism and leukocytes
  • Lifestyle factors and vascular inflammation
  • Multiomics and systems analyses
  • Human translational studies, drug development and clinical trials

Promoting the scientific understanding of atherosclerosis


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