Industry Council

The IAS Industry Council is an annual membership program that allows the Society’s leadership to engage and share insights with companies that are developing patient-centered therapeutics and solutions to address the global challenges of atherosclerotic and related diseases.

Industry Council members play a vital role in sustaining and enhancing the Society’s mission and ability to:

  • Link key organizations and thought leaders in new paradigms of care
  • Develop high quality and easily accessible educational courses for clinicians around the world
  • Offer fellowships to young members and future leaders of constituent societies
  • Host conferences that provide a global platform for professionals and scholars to present new research and engage in innovative discussions
  • Lead multi-national programs that increase scientific knowledge and reduce the burden of atherosclerotic disease worldwide.

In addition, Industry Council members are invited to join IAS leadership, representatives of IAS member societies and other Industry Council members at the annual IAS Industry Council Meeting. Members will benefit from opportunities to network, build relationships and partner with other Industry Council members with a shared mission.

Among the companies on IAS’ Industry Council are:

Promoting the scientific understanding of atherosclerosis


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