Wael Research Fellowship

6th Wael Almahmeed and IAS Research Training Fellowships: Middle East & Africa

Description of Fellowship

The 6th Wael Almahmeed and IAS Research Training Fellowship is designed to support next-generation leaders in the Middle East and Africa who are dedicated to advancing their clinical research and education in atherosclerosis and cardio-cerebro-metabolic diseases. This initiative also aims to promote partnerships among researchers from recognized universities and health care institutions in both regions, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Selected fellows will be awarded up to $10,000 USD to advance their skills at a host institution of their choice, preferably outside of their home country, for up to 6 months. The grant amount will be prorated based on the duration of research.

This fellowship is made possible by the generous donation of Wael Almahmeed, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is Dr. Almahmeed’s goal to empower the next generation of researchers and clinicians in the Middle East and Africa through this fellowship. The submission for the 6th Wael Almahmeed and IAS Research Training Fellowship will close on August 30, 2024. For questions, contact IAS.

Eligibility Criteria

The 6th Wael Almahmeed and IAS Research Training Fellowship is open to applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • Citizens or permanent residents of a Middle East or African country*
  • Medical doctors or researchers with a PhD, ScD, PharmD, DrPH, or other terminal degree in a related field who present research projects that are relevant to atherosclerosis
  • Persons 40 years of age and younger.

*Periods of residence for the purpose of full-time education are not applicable.


The following documents must be included in the application:

  • Letter of request, signed by the candidate, that outlines the candidate’s institution of affiliation, summary of relevant education and training, and interest in receiving the fellowship
  • Curriculum vitae/resume that includes a description of the candidate’s:
    • Education
    • Pre and post graduate career experience
    • Research experience
    • Publications in peer reviewed journals
  • Letter signed by the candidate’s supervisor or current department head supporting the fellowship application
  • Description of proposed research and/or training at host institution signed jointly by candidate and future host supervisor. This should include the following:
    • Project title
    • Proposed abstract
    • Proposed goals and scientific strategy, including the methods that will be used
    • Expected preliminary results
    • Research plan, including peer reviewed references with PMID
  • Letter signed by supervisor of candidate’s future host institution supporting the fellowship application
  • Two signed letters of support from referrals, preferably by individuals involved in an IAS member society
  • High-resolution personal photo

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