About Membership

The IAS is a global organization whose membership consists of organizations aligned with the IAS mission.

Benefits of Membership

The IAS provides the members of its member societies the following benefits:

  • Reduced online subscription rate of $126 (USD) to the journal Atherosclerosis, which provides access to all content of Atherosclerosis from 1970 to the current day.
  • Subscription to various IAS newsletters
  • Access to current IAS Education Center offerings
  • Information and resources provided for IAS-endorsed activities

Member societies also enjoy the ability to:

  • advertise worldwide your organizations activities through the IAS website and newsletter 
  • share links to IAS education programs and activities
  • receive formal IAS endorsement for society activities
  • access, introduce or coordinate global leadership in support of organization efforts.

Interested in Becoming an IAS Member Society?

We greatly appreciate your interest in joining the International Atherosclerosis Society. Once you have decided on the organizational structure of your society (separate national society or as a specialized organization within an existing society), submit a formal request to info@athero.org

The application for membership must be in English and include:

  • Formal request by the society‚Äôs president to join the International Atherosclerosis Society.
  • Copy of the constitution and/or bylaws of the society.
    • Please note that all member societies shall be either legally established or part of an organization in the represented country as a non-profit or charitable organization, should have formal constitution and bylaws, written rules and regulations accepted by the members. It is recognized that some societies have a more complex constitution and bylaws than others. The most important consideration with respect to the IAS is the criteria for the membership in a given Society. These criteria must ensure that only scientists and clinicians who are actively engaged in atherosclerosis and related metabolic diseases be admitted.
  • Mission statement that aligns with the objectives of the IAS.
  • Membership requirements of the society.
    • There should be at least 50 members, however exceptions can be made. If appropriate, this will be considered in evaluating the application.
  • A complete list of officers with contact information, position in organization, term of office. (Submit as an Excel file.)
  • A complete list of the membership with contact information (including emails). (Submit as an Excel file.)
  • A staff list, including titles, headquarters address, website, and social media account information. (Submit as an Excel file.)
  • Promotional and program documentation of activities conducted, including but not limited to live or virtual educational programs or scientific meetings. 
  • An applicant must indicate in their application letter that they intend to comply with the dues payment and annual membership report requirements. Dues can be invoices and prorated as necessary.

Applications for membership are reviewed and approved by the IAS Executive Committee. The IAS may request additional information if necessary. If approved, IAS will issue an official statement of acceptance. Your society will become a member society in the IAS as soon as the dues for the current year are paid.

Maintaining Membership

Maintaining communications with the member societies is vital to the strength of IAS. The rights and privileges of a society shall be contingent on the following:

  • Providing an updated leadership and membership roster, inclusive of contact information for the board of directors and all members. 
  • Paying dues at the rate of $3.00 USD per member. The number of voting delegates each society has on the Council of Constituent Societies is determined based on the number of members for which the society paid IAS dues. 

Individual Membership

This membership category is available only to individuals residing in countries that do not have an IAS member society. 

The application for membership must be in English and include:

  • A cover letter with complete contact information and supporting evidence the person has been working scientifically in the field of atherosclerosis patient care or research 
  • Curriculum vitae with complete list of publications
  • A list of presentations, posters or papers presented at scientific meetings
  • A listing of any awards or recognition
  • If accepted, annual dues of $10.00 USD are requested.

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